Monday 30 January 2006

Pluralism's problems

I'm a fan of pluralism, when it is administered properly. It seems to me that religious freedom is an essential aspect of an earthly society. Christianity teaches as much when in 2 Corinthians 4 and 5, the apostle Paul describes Christian ministry as 'free persuasion', not secretive or coercive but yet still clear in its own position. The situation at the University of Birmingham suggests that some institutions are struggling to generate real pluralism. They've kicked out the Christian Union. Here's the story: what do you think should have happened in order to have a campus where people can believe what they wish, freely?

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Tuesday 17 January 2006

The Lion, the Pitch and the Auction

Back on deck after a season of feasting. Saw the first Narnia movie with a large contingent of 4-10 year olds. They had their usual reaction—"It was good"—which makes me wonder what it will take to arouse the senses of their generation. I thought it was better than good, with an appropriate focus on the spiritual awakening of the children, as they discover that they are both immortal diamond and quintessence of dust, kings and queens precariously. It was always going to be hard to get Aslan right, so I'm glad they went with the 'Aslan is a great lion' rather than anything more laboured. I liked the treatment of the sacrifice, too—a good balance of story and symbol.

I've escaped a lot of the hype, but I still enjoyed the C.S. Lewis auction hosted by the Wittenberg Door.

What did you think of the film?

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