Monday 11 October 2004

The instant of his death

The death of Derrida will most likely bring all manner of silly comments about his own deconstruction, etc, etc. However, there has always been a serious consideration of death in Derrida's work, from contemplating Abraham's obedience to God in being willing to sacrifice Isaac, to the classic Wittgensteinian observation that it is impossible to experience your own death. It is causing me to reflect on how meaningFUL death is, how it helps people to focus their minds, how it removes distractions, and how it often (counter-intuitively) generates hope. My philosophy class prayed for him just a week earlier, at the end of a lecture, wanting God to come to him, to bring the kind of justice and mercy that he himself imagined. And more.

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Thursday 7 October 2004

More on the federal election

CASE contributors, Byron and Jessica Smith, have put an enormous amount of work into a comparative table of issues and where the various political parties stand on them. Download it here. Has anyone devised a means of assessing these issues along Christian lines? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

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