Tuesday 14 September 2004

Election slogans for Christians

The blog is back, after some weeks of silence. And we are thinking about the upcoming election. How do Christians decide how to vote? In reality, they tend to vote as their parents/friends/influences vote�just like everyone else does. But if we are to step back and look for principles to guide our voting, where do they come from and how do we prioritise them? I've been very impressed with two resources in recent days.

The first is the Election website from the Evangelical Alliance, where you can find a series of well argued and diverse opinions on which issues should determine how you vote.

The second is the campaign by the Brotherhood of St Laurence in Victoria, which launches one of the best Christian slogans I can remember: "This election, vote for someone else". This isn't an anti-Howard stance, but a brilliant summary of the Christian motivation to think of others and not just ourselves. Why are we always deciding how to vote on the basis of what will make US better off?

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