Thursday 4 June 2009

Don Carson's Publications online

Andy Naselli recently completed a bibliography of Don Carson's many publications on the Gospel Coalition website. While the books simply link to Amazon, the real bonus is that 237 of Carson's articles are now available on the site for free as pdf downloads. But that's not all. You can download lots of his sermons as MP3 files as well as conference presentations, book reviews, courses and other things.

While the sermons, conference papers and some other resources have been available on the Gospel Coalition before, this new section brings all of Don Carson's many contributions together in one place.

Here's the link HERE.

HT: Patrick Chan for directing me to Andy's post.


David McKay said...

The articles are interesting. Haven't read 'em all, of course, but i wonder if Don would want to modify what he wrote so many years ago.

Amazing what Juan Mann can do, isn't it.

Trevor Cairney said...

Thanks David. Were you referring to any specific positions that he might want to modify? Or was this just a generic comment, as in do any of us want to go back and revise our positions on some things? Cheers, Trevor