Thursday 1 January 2009

A new year and a new website for CASE

The Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE) was commenced in 2003 at New College at the University of New South Wales (Sydney). Since then we have been developing our web resources to complement our other activities, including our quarterly publication Case magazine (see here), seminars, conferences and events. We have also built up a large number of videos and pod casts of major lectures and talks. These have been available on our website but we wanted to make them even more accessible to web browsers as well as our Associates who not only receive Case magazine but have access to other web resources not available free on the site (you can subscribe online here).

We have just released version three of the CASE website which is simpler and more accessible than previous versions. The site is also more interactive with constantly changing content and the use of forums for the exchange of ideas (to be launched in 2009). If you explore this site you'll note that:

  • The site has more content than ever
  • The content is now in more varied forms (pdf, html, video, pod casts, blog posts)
  • The categories for all content are a little clearer
  • CASE events are now promoted more obviously on the site

Some sample content on the site

We haven't finished loading every file to the site as yet but most are there and the rest should be up in late January. Here is a sample of the written material available FREE on the site.

Tim Keller writes on 'Deconstructing defeater beliefs' (here)
Kirsten Birkett writes on 'Cells and souls' (here)
N.T. (Tom) Wright speaks on 'Resurrection and Beyond' (MP3 here)
Rob Smith writes on 'Christian wisdom in the world of music' (here)
Oliver O'Donovan writes on 'Moral Reasoning - Waking' (here)
Dani Scarratt writes on 'Presuppositionalism' (here)
Paul Barnett writes on the 'Historical evidence for Jesus' (here)
Tom Frame writes on 'Where are all the conscientious objectors?' (here)
John Dickson writes on 'A spectators guide to the gospel of Judas' (here)
Megan Best writes on the 'Rights of the terminally ill' (here)
Greg Clarke speaks on 'Where Dawkins is not a scientist' (MP3 here)
Michael Jensen writes on '16 verbs for apologetics' (here)
Trevor Cairney writes on what research and the Bible say about 'The role of Fathers' (here)
Trevor Hart writes on 'Creation, incarnation and redemption in the Arts' (here)
Andrew Cameron & Lisa Watts write on 'Climate Change' (here)
Edwin Judge writes on 'The biblical shape of modern culture' (here)

As I've said, the above are just a sample of the 150+ key articles and talks available and we're still loading many pod casts. There is also more available if you're an associate (find out how to sign up here), including talks by Oliver O'Donovan, Trevor Hart and many others.

If you visit the site you will also find that there is a new improved search function and that you can access content in varied ways including by theme, author and format (pdf, podcast, video etc). Please check out the site and give us any feedback that you feel is necessary. I've spotted some glitches that we will fix in January but let us know if you can see any areas for improvement.

On this New Year’s Day I want to wish readers of this blog and supporters of CASE God’s richest blessings. I pray that he will use each of your lives for his purposes, bringing honour and glory to his name in 2009 and strengthening you in your faith. I also pray that the resources of CASE might be of some use to you in enriching your understanding of Christ and equipping you to share the gospel with others.

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