Tuesday 19 February 2008

The best sex you'll ever have!

The big breaking news story today (well the one that will top the 'most clicked' story online) is the seminar series being run by the pastor of Riverside Church pastor Andrew Newbold and his wife Megan. This Melbourne church is running a series titled "The best sex you'll ever have". It will be run over four nights.

I'm not sure exactly what the content will be the Melbourne Age reports suggests that it might well cover the importance of sex as part of a marriage between a man and woman, that pornography is sinful and wrong and should be avoided. Not surprising if you're a Christian, we know that sex was God's idea and that it was to be enjoyed as part of marriage; John Piper has a good sermon on this topic that you can download or listen to.

While I'm a little uncomfortable about a church doing what the rest of the world does all the time - using sex to sell(!) - I haven't posted this to do a critique of the church. What I wanted to comment on is the reaction of non-Christians. Here are just three:

* amazement that the church would see sex as part of life - messages here for us about getting the message out about the proper place of sex as part of marriage (which I assume is what the church is doing);
* a sex therapist who is questioning the content and arguing that the church will need to ensure that they include same sex as an option ("I'm not a religious person but......");
* arguments being made in favour of the right to choose pornography.

Now it seems that some see the church as having no right to teach what the Bible says even within the church!

I'd appreciate your thoughts and any observations you have of people's reactions, as well as any comments and suggestions for apologetic opportunities.

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