Tuesday 24 July 2007

The Local Church and social issues

CASE is one of a number of organizations dedicated to challenging Christians and non-Christians to consider what the Bible teaches about every part of life. In the truest sense of apologetics we seek to offer a defence of the Scriptures when its claims are challenged or when public policy and action appears to be out of step with what we believe the Bible teaches. As well, we seek to initiate debate and dialogue to promote Christian understanding of intellectual and social issues. We always see ourselves doing this in partnership with other like-minded organizations. And so it’s always encouraging to see local churches taking a stand on issues and encouraging their members to think deeply about social issues in the light of the teaching of the Bible.

One example of a local church that is seeking to do this is The Lakes Evangelical Church on the Central Coast. It has recently had two sermons on issues that have been the concern of CASE associates in the past. The church has challenged its members to consider what the Bible teaches us about "IVF and Stem Cell" research and also "Abortion".

If you are interested in these topics you can download MP3 files and powerpoints of material associated with the sermons.

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