Thursday 31 August 2006

Second preference

Phillip Adams, in an unusually mild article suggests what we have been saying all along at CASE--that there is no political party that really represents the Christian view of the world. And that we should expect a great deal of diversity from Christians as they work out how to be in the world, not of the world. I do like his suggestion that Christians are looking for someone to give their second preference--a fine summary of the Christian approach to politics.

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byron smith said...

What a fascinating article. I think I've never agreed with PA so often in such a short space of time.

Arthur said...

Indeed -- I thought his comments quite considered. I was taken aback by his tone, I perceived, that religion actually has a place in human society!

Good to see the new site ticking along!

Drew said...

'twas good, wasn't it?

In particular, four beautiful words:
"perhaps they never were."

michael jensen said...

This was the SANEST thing I think he has ever written...

Are we sure that someone hasn't hacked into his email account and sent off a bogus article?

psychodougie said...

i must admit i was quite close to cheering, watching kev and tony chat.
it was a really fun (for me at least) interview.

i was waiting for him to say, "as i said at last years new college CASE lecture," and continue on.
but it's ok, i thought it!

my favourite line, though, was tony's:
"Are you trying to co-opt Jesus for the ALP?"
(kev's answer was no, justincase you were wondering)