Thursday 20 April 2006

True self

Discussion of 'the self' might be the ultimate in navel-gazing. It can be so circumspect, so convoluted and awkward that it leaves you cold. However, it is an important theme in postmodern thought, and very valuable for distinguishing Christiantity from other ways of understanding the place of the human being in the world. This article starts by asking what is missing from Charles Taylor's significant study of the topic. It then explains how the Christian understanding of who Jesus is solves so many identity problems as to be well worth considering by all but the most recalcitrant pomos.

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Drew said...

I liked Sellick's article! Some interesting comments about idolatry, which has an obvious connection to self - Idolatry is nothing more than an attempt at authentic selfhood made on our own terms. - we make idols in our own image, so to speak.

I've been reading this book on idolatry and ideology - I think it's very good (for as far as I have got)... has any body else read it?