Tuesday 14 March 2006

Uncertainty on the ABC

Here's the transcript of a well-produced radio programme on the ABC about postmodernism, certainty and faith, and post-September 11 religion. They interviewed a very diverse bunch of postgrads, academics and religious figures—among them some CASE locals. See what you think of it.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the programme was thought provoking. The interviews with Mark Taylor and Carl Raschke were the most interesting parts for me. I liked Mark Taylor’s opening comments about how ‘agility or mind’ and ‘recognition of nuance’ were once seen as virtues but now if complexities and nuance are pointed out in ethical, political, or theological (?) discussions it is seen as a vice or muddle-headedness.

I also found Carl Raschke’s (re)definition of post-modernism as iconoclasm, to be a helpful way of explaining how post-modernism and Christianity have a commonality in the rejection that ‘any human system of truth as being ultimate in itself’.

But how uncertainty plays itself out in the Christian experience I am not sure. And how we can take into account the complexities and nuance of life without becoming “religiously” paralysed is another area that I struggle to come to terms with