Monday 8 November 2004

CASE on Face to Face

For night owls, I'm talking about CASE on Channel 10's Face to Face TV show this Wednesday night. Well, Thursday morning at 12.15am.
Fortunately, they also stream their interviews the next day on the site.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that i was extremely excited to witness the interview on face to face last night. (probably the reason i couldnt sleep...thx God)

I have been a Christian for most of my life (now 26yo)and am still blown away when someone who has a balanced intellect aswell as a spiritual understanding is "allowed" to give their perspectives in a public forum. Well done....kudos to Face to Face.

I have put serious effort into my journey with Christ concerning the issues you raised last night regarding science, philosophy etc. Mainly because i believe that strengthening the "earthly" reasoning behind my connection with Christ and having "answers" for people's questions will ultimately make me a much more effective witness for Christ.

This is especially important at this point in history when there seems to be an overwhelming 'questioning' of everything we know and understand to be real. We live in a perverse generation. They seek a sign. That said, this generation can also be appeased by a rational answer based on evidence and logic.

What you said about applying your brain and "making sense" is something that so many of our brothers and sisters lack. They are scared to think. They are scripturally unaware and spiritually lame. Most are scared to even read prophecy, let alone understand it.

Often non believers i have talked to about Christ site these very symptoms within the common Christian worldview as their reason for not pursuing him.

This is such a tragedy. Most of the people i know have some form of spiritual belief or practise, but 99% of the time it does not involve the Son of God.

I fully believe that people like your faculty are rising up to defend the name of Jesus Christ. I am one of those people and i commend Dr. Clarke, my brother in Christ for increasing knowledge in people seeking him.

'God is not at war with common sense'

Keep up the fight guys!

Jim Clark

Greg Clarke said...

I'm glad you felt encouraged, Jim—and encouraged me by your response! Many people just don't realise that Christianity involves using your brain, thinking about tough questions, and working out what it is reasonable to believe. That's not the whoel story to Christianity, of course, but it is an important part of it.