Thursday 13 May 2004

Journal longevity

Reorganizing the CASE library to make it more usable to students and CASE researchers, a question emerges. How long do you keep a journal or magazine in your school/college library? Forever, it seems to me. The only reason to throw them out is space. But space is a genuine consideration, as is access. Eventually, it could all be online. But then the question arises—is it worth the effort to put all of these back issues online?

The issue is pertinent in the CASE office and the New College library, where phyiscal space is tight and contested. My current solution: for non-collectibles, if it isn't worth putting online, it isn't worth keeping. Will we ever run out of room in cyberspace?

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quop said...

The pile of old 'Briefing' magazines on my bedroom floor, which I was slowly working my way through, have since been replaced by the Briefing on CD-ROM. Less space, (more) complete, and searchable.

But not as convenient to read while on the go, or on the throne! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that's a good philosophy (if it's not worth putting online, through it out). All these historians are probably turning in their graves as I write this. (/Karen/)